Brian has been playing and performing for 43 years and teaching for 25. He teaches students from beginner to advanced levels in areas including performance, theory, songwriting, Improv, sight reading, ear training and technology and works very well with adults and children. Brian Is a graduate of Berklee School of Music and has taught music at Grady High School. 

      In addition to teaching he is the bandleader and guitar player in Sweetwater Junction and The Billy Batts Jazz Quartet and is a hired gun for many different bands and also does studio sessions and production work for bands and artists.

He has written and sold songs to Microsoft, Home Depot, Atlanta Braves and Deloitte and Touche and has had many song placements for T.V. and professional sporting events including, Nascar, NBA, MLB and NFL and the NHL. Brian has a deep interest in the development of young artists and a wish to encourage their study and creativity  in music and he is very easy to work with. Brian teaches guitar lessons at his home in Roswell Ga, Maple Street Guitars In Buckhead. 

For More Info Please Call 404-457-8451.

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