Back To School Special: FIRST FOUR LESSONS IS $50 Per Lesson. For more info please call 404-457-8451.




  • Welcome to the home of Chastain Park Guitar Lessons. I offer In-home guitar lessons any level, beginner to advanced. Lessons are 50 minutes long and tuition is $60 per session. I am a graduate of Berklee School of Music and have been teaching for 23 years,  I have been teaching guitar lessons in Atlanta for 21 years, I do have references if needed and I teach children and adults. I also teach at Maple Street Guitars on tuesdays and wednesdays, and then on thursdays and Fridays and most weekday mornings at my house in Roswell Ga. For more info please call 404-457-8451. 


  • In addition to my in-home lessons I also own a guitar lesson streaming site that helps my students practice in a much more focused way, I am playing all the chord changes, scales, arpeggios, concepts and solos, all shot in 4k and it is all in a play-along format so that the student practices more correctly thru out the week and getting to practice the guitar with their teacher everyday instead of once a week all for an additional $9.99 a month. 


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